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What’s B.E.S.T?

Sarasota is one of the “best” places to live — anywhere. We have terrific people; an awesome arts, museum and activities scene; fabulous weather and exceptional dining choices. What’s lacking is a comparable level of focused, forward thinking thought leadership, fiscal responsibility and transparent governance from our city officials.

To rectify this serious shortcoming, local residents and entrepreneurs Joel & Diane Schleicher and Jonathan Mitchell have launched a non-profit effort known as BEST Plan for Sarasota, Inc. (BEST = Boosting Effectiveness Supporting Transparency) – help provide information to the electorate. BEST’s information and issues-oriented platform is geared to provide transparency to the voters so they may better understand the city’s decisions/policies, or lack thereof, more completely and how they impact our quality of life.

BEST is non-partisan and will not endorse candidates. Our approach will be to provide blogs and newspaper op/eds, in addition to social networking. Posted herein is independent work already completed by forensic accountants on the city’s governance structure and finances, along with results of citizen opinion surveys. We look forward to engaging with the community, organizations and neighborhoods to make Sarasota the BEST governed city in the nation.




Perhaps, the most important attribute we should expect of our City of Sarasota government is TRUST.  We should be able to trust our city officials to assure us of: Clean neighborhoods; adequate, affordable, functional utilities and waste management Protection against...

Abject Failure of Leadership in City Government

Abject Failure of Leadership in City Government

A BEST Opinion Piece By Jonathan Mitchell and Joel SchleicherWhile it is easy to identify recent and ongoing abuses of government power, from Federal to State to County Government (while also trampling our Constitutional Rights) today we’ll focus on the abject failure...

My View: City needs better governance, not a big park

My View: City needs better governance, not a big park

Since 1974, the city’s spending has increased 420%. But in that time and with all that money, the City Commission repeatedly demonstrates irresponsible and dysfunctional leadership and management. Editor’s note: The following was submitted in response to Matt Walsh’s...


Some facts discovered with our survey:

  • 30% of residents believe reducing the city’s crime rate and homelessness is the top issue facing the city.
  • Only 38% of residents approve of the job that the Sarasota City Commission is doing.
  • 49% of residents believe the city is doing a “poor” or “terrible” job spending their tax dollars.


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