Why Sarasota Is The BEST Place To Live

America's Best Beaches

Sarasota is home to the best sand covering Lido & Siesta Key and a plethora of boating and water activities.

Outstanding Arts Scene

From the orchestra and theater scene to the ballet and orchestra, Sarasota’s identity is parked as a center for the arts.

World Renowned Attractions

People travel the world to visit the orchid collection at Selby Gardens and the marine science research being conducted at MOTE.

5-Star Health Care

With 5-Star Rated Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and their incredible medical professionals leading the way in healthcare, Sarasota is in good hands.

Walkable and Enjoyable

Sarasota is packed with quaint and clean walkable streets and neighborhoods lined with exceptional cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

Safe Neighborhoods

With one of the top-rated school districts in the state and incredibly safe neighborhoods, it’s tough to find a better place to settle down, raise a family and retire.

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Why Do We Need BEST?

BEST is a non-profit/non-partisan organization that does not rate, endorse or financially support candidates for elected office.

The BEST approach is to provide blogs, newspaper ads and op-eds, as well as social networking, for the sole purpose of educating the voter.

On this website, you will find a copy of an independent study performed by a most respectable forensic accounting firm. The report you’ll read deals with the city’s governance structure and finances.

Likewise, we have included the results of independent citizen opinion surveys and focus groups.

We look forward to engaging with associations, homeowner/neighborhood groups, organizations and members of our community. Our goal is simply to make Sarasota the BEST governed city in the nation.

BEST wants to make certain everyone understands shortcomings in our City’s governance/leadership – today and in the future.

Here is a shortlist of items for immediate focus:

  • Lack of a solution for the homeless situation after years of discussion;
  • Lack of foresight and planning for traffic congestion;
  • Lack of experienced, focused, forward-thinking leadership;
  • Lack of government transparency;
  • Lack of financial responsibility leading to wasted taxpayer dollars and resulting in high taxation;
  • Lack of updated infrastructure to prevent flooding;
  • Lack of common sense ideas for growth;
  • Lack of efficient and effective City services;


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